PCT Day 88, Buck’s Lake to Hiker Haven

Day 88
Trail Angels house in Buck’s Lake to Hiker Haven (mile 1284), 21 miles
Cost: Cowboy camped on the deck at Hiker Haven, donation

I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon, it was the perfect way to wake up! Breakfast was served on the deck and was pancakes, warm peaches, scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee & juice. It was delicious!


 After breakfast we were taken back to the trailhead. Thank you so much for your kindness and wonderful hospitality!

We had a lot of uphill and then even more downhill to reach the slightly strange town of Belden. The PCT goes straight through the middle of it, past a bar, store, post office and inn, all in the same building. We stopped for the Smith’s to pick up their resupply package and all had a hamburger at the bar. 


        Back up on the hill, I used Mr Smith’s phone (Verizon) to call Chester post office and forwarded my resupply box on. (I picked up some extra dinners and snacks from the Smiths so I should hopefully have enough food to get me through to Burney now in 6 days). Because we no longer needed to go via Chester, we had some extra time so decided to stay the night in Belden at Hiker Haven, run by Trail Angels the Braatans. (KC had to pick up her package there anyway). 

We walked the mile there and found quite a few hikers there already and all the beds taken. There was room on the floor in the lounge but it was hot inside so we decided to cowboy camp on the deck instead. We lay down at 9pm and were soon woken by the sound of a train, it sounded like we were on the tracks! A couple of the Tylenol PM tablets insured I slept really well after this.    


3 responses to “PCT Day 88, Buck’s Lake to Hiker Haven

  1. Probably better off on the deck, than a closed warm room filled with snoring hikers..lol. Great looking breakfast reminds me I’m hungry. Keep on following the arrows!

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