PCT Day 97, Mile 1468 to 1494

Day 97

Mile 1468 to 1494, 26 miles 

Cost: camped, free

KC was cowboy camped and I was in my tent but for some reason I was worried about the deers coming too close and trampling KC and I’ve possibly watched too many episodes of CSI… So I didn’t sleep too well. (There were a few non-hikers camped there too). It took us a while to get moving in the morning and it was already very hot when we finally started. 

I took off my shirt and washed it in each stream we passed so it would cool me down as I hiked through the heat – it really helped. 

KC and I generally have the same hiking pace on the flat and up hill but I’m much slower going downhill so that’s when we go our separate ways.  Around 11am we were walking on the flat when KC stopped quite suddenly then jumped forward. I had no idea what was happening so I stopped where I was and then noticed the rattlesnake on the rocky wall beside us, about hip level. It was now between the two of us. To my left was a steep cliff (no chance of getting past it that way) and to my right was a steep crumbling hill, also no chance of climbing it to get around. The path was very narrow. It never rattled at us but looked curiously over to me as I started to take a few steps backwards. I was starting to think that I was going to have to say goodbye to KC as she hiked on and I stayed stuck in that spot all day waiting for the rattlesnake to move away! Luckily after a few minutes it retreated into a hole and I was able to run past!

The rattlesnake retreating into it’s hole – luckily for us!


This was a gorgeous spot to go for a swim… I didn’t but I did wash my shirt and filled up with water


Later in the day we passed a water source and had to walk back 0.3 of a mile… 0.6 there and back… No-one wants to do that but we really needed the water!!

We got into camp as it was getting dark and set up in a great little spot next to Sticky buns and Milkshake around the corner from a terrific view of Mt Shasta. 

Dinner in front of Mt Shasta


Home for the night just a few miles before Castella


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