PCT Day 96, Mile 1440 to mile 1468

Day 96
Mile 1440 to mile 1468, 28 miles
Cost: camped at Ash Camp Campground, free

I’m not sure what happened to today’s draft but it disappeared somewhere! It was a long 28 mile day in the heat, views of Mt Shasta, I caught up to KC and we walked together then camped at Ash camp campground…


Mt Shasta in the background


Ouch, something was sticking into my foot for the last 5 miles and did this… it really hurt!


My Yama Mountain Gear tent and KC cowboy camping behind it



3 responses to “PCT Day 96, Mile 1440 to mile 1468

  1. I have a time/visa question for you. You mentioned that you have a six month visa. It looks like you need to be out of the US around the 8th of October. If you are not quit done will you stay and finish? What will then happen when you get to the airport to leave with an expired Visa?
    I was hoping to be a “trail angel” up near Snoqualmie Pass when you get up this way in Washington but I’m going to India with some Australian friends in September. Will have to see where you are just before we leave.


    • Hi Lynda, I’m hoping to be finished by mid September which seems realistic with less than 1,000 miles to go now 🙂 (I just crossed into Oregon today!) Enjoy India if I don’t see you 🙂


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