PCT Day 112, Mile 1716 to 1732

Day 112

Mile 1716 to 1732, 16 miles

Cost: camped, free
I got up at 8am and packed my backpack, it’s not that heavy considering I’m only carrying 4 days of food to get me to Crater Lake National Park, 102 miles away. I walked to the supermarket and bought water, macaroni cheese and a donut for breakfast and had this with 2 peaches. (The peaches cancel out the donut) 😉

KC had organised a taxi to pick us up and take us back to the trail at 11am and when the taxi arrived, Teflon and Zigzag were already in it, what a nice surprise 🙂 The 5 of us were dropped off at the trail and all started walking at different times but passed each other throughout the day.

It was very humid and smoky from a couple of nearby bushfires but the forecast showed it might be stormy in the afternoon which we hoped might clear up some of the smoke.

An older PCT sign


An enormous tree!


A thimbleberry




It was noticeably busier on the trail today. We met Possum, Ho Ho, Leopard Sauce and about 5 other hikers.

I don’t usually walk with my phone turned on (it’s usually on aeroplane mode to save the battery) but I had it turned on today and received an email from a wonderful lady called Liz who I know from the camino forums and who follows my blog. Liz had found the shoes I need in her local shoe shop and the message was that she was going to buy them. I found an email that Liz had sent me with her contact details (offering help if I needed it along the trail because she lives nearby) and I rang the number and was able to give my credit card details over the phone to the shop assistant. It couldn’t have been more perfect, now I have the pair that are coming to Crater Lake and this second pair that should hopefully get me through the next 900 miles 🙂 Thank you so much Liz and to everyone else who sent details of websites where they’d found the shoes, I really appreciate your help!! 🙂

KC wasn’t going to filter the water from this spring…


Abd then I pointed out this sign


It was tiring today, probably because I’d had 4 days off, so Teflon, KC and I decided to camp after 16 miles and get up early tomorrow.

Soon after dinner the thunder and lightning started with heavy rain but I fell asleep in minutes.

2 responses to “PCT Day 112, Mile 1716 to 1732

  1. Hummingbird,
    Enjoying walking the trail with you! There appears to be about 100 miles missing though. Wondering if you met back up with Mr and Mrs Smith. Seems you’ve walked together much of the trail. Hope there is not too much detouring due to all the fires.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lynda, thanks so much ft letting me know about the missing posts… I scheduled them but also updated WordPress about the same time and it looks like they got forgotten… Sorry for all the posts coming through at once now!

      Liked by 1 person

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