PCT Day 104, Mile 1611 to 1636

Day 104
Mile 1611 to 1636, 25 miles
Cost: camped, free

Today was really hard! The first 3 miles over rocky and hilly terrain took me 2 hours, I should’ve walked 6 miles in this time! It was a long hard day of climbing and I didn’t enjoy it but the scenery was beautiful.


I came across this man with his mules and he helped Tapatio, Desert Hang and myself walk behind them – which was very scary after he told us how temperamental they were:

The three of us met KC a little bit further up the trail and we sat and had a long lunch together. The afternoon was slightly easier but it was still a difficult day.  

We camped on a rocky road 17 miles out of Seiad Valley where we’ll go for lunch tomorrow.    


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