Day 108: Nero in Ashland, Mile 1704 to 1716

Day 108

Mile 1704 to 1716, 12 miles

Cost: Ashland hostel, $25
We got up early knowing we had 12 miles to do by 10am to meet the others at the Callihans. It was a relatively easy 12 miles with great views of Mt Shasta – I think we’ve seen it on 3 sides now!


It was quite spacious under the tarp

Mt Shasta

We arrived about 30 mins late to the side trail to the Callihans and unfortunately the others couldn’t wait. They were on their way back to Etna to hike the section they missed (in order to get to Ashland in time for Mr Smiths birthday) so they will be a couple of days behind KC and I when we leave Ashland… I’m sure we’ll see them again somewhere further up the trail.

We saw the hand drawn map with directions to the Callihans and somehow took the road we weren’t supposed to take… it was way too hot to be walking further than necessary! We backtracked and eventually found the right road that took us under a highway and freeway and arrived at the Callihans lodge. The man at reception was incredibly friendly and helped us find our way to the hiker showers and laundry. After we’d done this we went into the lodge for a free hiker beer (thank you!) and lunch.

A map for a shortcut to Callihans… we took the wrong road!


Lunch at the Callihans

Rabbit came in with his friend Rose and they offered us a ride into Ashland. Dundee and another hiker squeezed in too.

Rose dropped KC and I off at the Ashland hostel, thanks Rose. The hostel is in a perfect location and is really beautiful inside but unfortunately it’s full for the rest of the week so we can only stay one night. It’s run by two wonderful ladies Annie and Syd.

We checked in and had a short nap then at 5:30pm we went to go and see the sights of Ashland. Our first stop was the coop to buy some groceries for breakfast, then Standing Stone brewery where we had their tasting flight for $5, then a Thai restaurant for a late satay dinner.


About to start a flight of beer at the Standing Stone brewery

There’s a great vibe in Ashland, I’m so glad I’m staying a few days 🙂


2 responses to “Day 108: Nero in Ashland, Mile 1704 to 1716

  1. Couple weeks earlier we tried to find the side trail to Callahans. There wasn’t even a map. Maybe they put one up after so many like ourselves got off track and wandered all around just trying to get across I-5 to Callahans. Did you get your free beer?


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