PCT Day 115, Mile 1790 to 1818

Day 115

Mile 1790 to 1818, then to Mazama campground, 29 miles
Cost: camped, $5

It was a beautiful morning even with the smoke from the nearby bushfires.  

Mt McLaughlin, 9495 feet


Western Pasqueflower


Gotta watch your step here!


Passed the 1800 mile mark and entered Crater Lake national park.


It gets a little dirty out here!

Got in to Mazama village around 7:30pm, picked up three packages: new shoes, resupply box and chocolates from Howard, thank you! Then went across to the restaurant and had dinner with KC, Ladiesman, Supertramp and Thor.

 We left the restaurant around 10pm and walked to the hiker campsite in the dark. We found it (after a while of searching) and it was tiny and full of hikers! Ladiesman, Dundee and I squeezed into a tiny spot next to another hiker and tried to put our tents up as quietly as possible. I then played cards with Dundee, chowder and a few other hikers before going to bed at the very unhiker bedtime of midnight.


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