PCT Day 114, Mile 1764 to 1790

Day 114

Mile 1764 to 1790, 26 miles

Cost: camped, free

I woke at 5am because of a fly buzzing inside my tarp… I tried to get it out without luck and somehow managed to fall back asleep until 6:30am.

Got to see what last night’s lava field looked like, pretty impressive and then faint views of Mt Mcgloughlin behind a smoke screen from nearby bushfires, it’s very smokey.

We had a nice, easy 6 miles to the highway where we were going to try to hitch into Fish Lake resort (2 miles down the highway) and have breakfast.

We got to the highway around 9:30am and it took about 10 minutes to get a hitch, thank you to the kind man who picked us up and dropped us right at the cafe 🙂

I was starving and had a packet of Doritos while waiting for breakfast, then the breakfast special of eggs, bacon and pancakes, then it was lunchtime and I had a grilled cheese sandwich with curly fries washed down with two Oregon beers, coffee and orange juice. Oh and then I had an icecream! I wasn’t even uncomfortably full!

2nd course!


A kind man who was eating at the cafe gave KC, Dundee and myself a lift back to the trail. He had walked a few caminos so we talked about caminos the 2 miles back.

We were back on the trail at 2pm after only having walked 6 miles! We had two long water carries, first 12 miles, then 15 miles but at least the terrain was relatively easy and flat.

We arrived at camp at 9:40pm after passing a few sites that were full. It really is noticeably busier out here now, especially when looking for a campsite late at night!

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