PCT Day 124, Big Lake Youth Camp to mile 2012

Day 124

Big Lake Youth Camp to mile 2012, 20 miles

Cost: Camped, free 

I didn’t sleep so well last night… each time I woke up I would look at the stars and find it hard to fall asleep again. My sleeping bag was also becoming increasingly wet and I was worried that I would end up being wet inside it. At 6am I could see the fog that had enveloped the lake in front of us and was spraying a mist onto my already very wet sleeping bag. I tried to sleep longer knowing that breakfast was served at 08:30 and I couldn’t get my resupply box until 09:30 but sleep wouldn’t come and the sprinkling of rain continued. 

We packed up and walked over to the admin building. It wasn’t open yet but there were a couple of other hikers there so KC and I laid out our sleeping bags in front of the building, hoping they would dry out. 

Big Lake Youth Camp is incredibly kind to hikers. They let you have showers, do your washing for you, let you camp there, let you have packages sent there, let you eat with them and they even have a hiker hut set up for hikers with couches and a huge space to sort out your next resupply. All for a donation. I was very impressed. 

Morning view from my sleeping bag

While we were waiting outside the admin building, a familiar face came around the corner… It was Shepherd! We knew he must’ve been close, I had messaged Shepherd, the Smiths and Teflon when KC and I had made our reservation at Timberline a few days ago, hoping the others might be able to make it there too, and Shepherd had replied to say he could make it the same night we were there 🙂 It was great to see him again. 

When the hiker hut opened at 8am we all moved in and everyone hung up their wet gear to dry. The hiker boxes had the most (leftover) food I’d ever seen, you could have found enough food in them for a week on the trail!

The breakfast bell was rung at 08:30am and we all walked over to the breakfast hall. We helped move some tables and chairs around before lining up to be served a delicious breakfast of porridge, slices of pear, hash browns, veggie sausages and a cinnamon bun. At the opposite side of the hall there was a table with all different types of cereal and all different types of milk – soy, almond, rice and normal. I was so excited that I could have a bowl of cereal (my first in 4 months because I can’t drink milk), and even more excited that I had the option to use almond milk, what I use at home 🙂

We picked up our resupply boxes from the office at 09:30 and set about arranging everything to fit into our food bags, swapping food with other hikers and supplementing with leftover food from the hiker box. While we were there Recon came and left, Shepherd left ahead of us but we had arranged to meet at the same campsite and Ladiesman came in too. 

It was cold and misty when we left and it pretty much stayed cold and misty all day. 


Passed the 2,000 mile mark (3,200km). 


KC and I caught up to Shepherd around 6:30pm and we all sat and had dinner together before continuing onto Rockpile Lake. The lake is in the background in this next photo behind our tents but it’s covered in mist. Even KC set up her tent tonight because of the rain and mist (only Shepherd’s and my tent are in this photo though). 



6 responses to “PCT Day 124, Big Lake Youth Camp to mile 2012

  1. Mile 2000 – what an achievement! Your shoes aren’t looking so bright and shiny now! Hope you dried out thoroughly before setting off.


  2. Kat, You have met an amazing amount of people and businesses that are good to PCT hikers! Love to hear about your experiences. Congrats on making it to mile 2000 – you’ll be in Canada before you know it!

    Liked by 1 person

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