PCT Day 127, Mile 2070 to Timberline Lodge

Day 127 

Mile 2070 to Timberline Lodge, 24 miles

Cost: Shared a King room at Timberline Lodge with Howard, KC & Shepherd, $86 pp including breakfast 


We were up at 4:45am and hiking in the dark for the first 20 minutes or so. Howard was staying somewhere nearby and had offered to bring us lunch so I had messaged him two major roads that we would be crossing, we settled on Highway 26. 

We arrived at Highway 26 around 11am and Howard greeted us with pizza, donuts, chips, beer, water and soda, thank you Howard!!   

 We stayed for a couple of hours then said goodbye and continued on the last 11 miles towards Timberline lodge. After 5 miles we came to highway 35 where Shepherd had been met by friends and they had brought trail magic too. We sat down and chatted with his friends while eating donuts and drinking beer… Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!

Shepherd, KC and I said goodbye to his friends and all set off together for the last 5 mile uphill climb to Timberline lodge. 

Mt Hood through the haze


Mt Hood


The last 1.5 miles were exceptionally difficult in deep sand!

One step forward, 3 steps back!


Our first view of Timberline Lodge


Before showering photo in front of Timberline Lodge

Timberline lodge is incredibly kind to hikers, I never would’ve let me in after 7 days of no shower, covered in sand and dirt and smelling like a rotten piece of fruit! But they did 🙂


There’s also a sofabed in this room, but the King bed alone would’ve been big enough for all 4 of us!


KC and I had been talking about Timberline lodge and what we wanted to eat there, on a daily basis for weeks now! I was set on steak… KC likes steak too. We were offered a 50 ounce steak… I’m not so good at ounces and pounds but it sounded decent so the three of us shared it and Shepherd watched on in amazement! It was definitely too big for one but the three of us devoured it up and still had room for the huckleberry pie for dessert 🙂

Our 50 ounce rib eye steak… a small dinosaur bone!


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