PCT Day 143, White Pass to mile 2312

Day 143

White Pass to mile 2312, 20 miles

Cost: Camped, free

Today was wet, cold and pretty  miserable. 

We woke up to the sound of rain, looked outside and it was grey. We all walked over to the Kracker Barrel and had breakfast and I picked up my resupply box and a few extras for the next 4 day (100 mile) stretch to Snoqualamie. 

I left just after midday with DLux ahead of me, KC behind me and Ladiesman staying behind an extra day to help his achilles injury heal. 

The trail was a giant puddle so my shoes were soon wet and muddy. The rain was on and off until about 5pm when it stopped and the sun came out for a brief moment. My gloves were also on and off as I got cold and hot. I put a compression sock on my right foot today to see if it would help with the pain (as well as an ankle brace) and it did seem better than yesterday but still really painful all around my ankle and up my leg. Ibuprofen and painkillers would help for an hour or two before the pain would come back… I can still walk and I’m so determined to get to Canada, there’s less than 400 miles to go… It’s just a little unnerving not knowing what it is and what brought it on. 



2300 miles

 I caught up to DLux at a beautiful river but we both didn’t need any water even after walking for more than 10 miles – it was so cold we had both barely drunk any of our water. There weren’t many campsite options coming up, only one in 7 and the next in 13 miles. The campsite in 7 miles would make it a 20 mile day and I would probably get there around 7:30pm. The one in 13 would make it a 26 mile day but I probably wouldn’t get there until at least 9:30pm… Not so ideal. I decided on the first campsite. 

The last 7 miles the hills and I were enveloped in a thick mist, it was beautiful. I passed a stretch of maple leaves all changing colour too, it’s definitely autumn here. 


I got to the campsite and DLux was there too so we chatted while I set up my tent and I found out that he has also walked a camino, from his home in Luxembourg. It was literally freezing cold as I cooked dinner inside my tent – not a habit I want to get back into but I was numb with the cold. 

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