PCT Day 145, Mile 2332 to Urich cabin (mile 2344)

Day 145
Mile 2332 to Urich cabin (mile 2344), 12 miles 
Cost: Slept on the top floor in Urich cabin, free

It was so so cold last night. I slept in everything I have but never truly felt warm and the snow continued falling on my tent well into the night. No-one stirred until 7am and even then no-one wanted to get up, it was just too cold! It seemed bright outside my tent which I hoped was a good sign that today would be a nice day, free of rain and snow! 

I was still 59 miles from Snoqualamie which I was trying to get to tomorrow night but this would mean two 30 mile days… I would try to do a 30 today. 

I eventually got up, put on yesterday’s wet socks (actually the past 4 days), made a hot coffee to drink in between packing up my tent and left at 8:30am. My rain jacket, gloves, shoes and socks were all still wet but the sun was out, it felt like I was at a ski resort on a bluebird day and I hoped everything would dry. 


So cold!


Don’t be decieved by the blue sky, it disappeared soon after I started hiking 😦


It was wet and rainy all morning and it reminded me of hiking through Galicia in Spain. I was starting to get worried about my lack of food for this section because it didn’t look like I was going to be able to arrive in Snoqualmie tomorrow even though I was walking as fast as possible in order to stay warm.     
And then I came across a sign on the trail saying there was trail magic a quarter of a mile off the trail. Lack of food and driving hard rain made me walk the quarter mile (more like half a mile) and I met true Trail Angels. There was a campervan and a tent set up and I was greeted by Mike who led me into the tent and turned on a gas heater. I removed my soaking wet jacket and rain skirt and then met Bill and Margaret. Margaret was holding a bottle of Prosecco which Bill promptly opened and we moved to inside the campervan where it was toasty warm. Lunch was incredibly delicious hamburgers, washed down with Prosecco, followed by chocolate cake and coffee with a splash of Jack! I could’ve stayed forever! After an hour or two, Ladiesman and GG arrived and we moved to the tent and I stayed even longer while they ate lunch. 

An amazing lunch!


Awesome Trail Angels – thank you!


It was almost 5pm when we left but it had stopped raining and we were now all dry. We decided to make the Urich cabin our home for the night which would make my day a very short 12 miles but I was happy to sleep inside out of the rain for a night. There were a couple of other people at the cabin when we arrived and it had a lovely wood burner which we started when we arrived after foraging through the forest for the driest of the wet wood we could find!

By 8pm I was in bed on the top floor next to Ladiesman, Blazing Star and GG and almost asleep… There were now about 10 people on the ground floor. Then three more people came in and came upstairs… It was now a little squishy but we moved over as best we could.

There were notes in the register from lots of other hikers talking about mice in the cabin so I hung my food bag on a hook above my head but I left my pack on the ground just behind my head. 

It’s now 11pm and I’ve been playing solitaire on my phone for the past 2.5 hours. One of the newcomers lying behind me is snoring like a chainsaw and there are about 4 people on the ground floor also trying to compete with the chainsaw snoring lady. I also felt a mouse run over my sleeping pad behind my head… It’s going to be a long night!

3 responses to “PCT Day 145, Mile 2332 to Urich cabin (mile 2344)

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos! I’ve loved following your journey, and I’m sending as many *warm* thoughts your way as I can. Hoping the snoring and mice all fade away and you can get some good sleep!

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