PCT Day 147, Mile 2374 to Snoqualmie Pass

Day 147
Mile 2374 to Snoqualmie Pass, 17 miles 
Cost: Stayed at the Summit Inn, $86

It rained all through the night, stopped a little before I got up, then started raining again as I packed up. I was 17 miles away from Snoqualmie, my aim was to get there as fast as possible. 


All to myself


The one and only picture I took all day

It rained with a cold, hard wind for the entire 17 miles. I didn’t stop to pick up water and I didn’t stop to eat. I also didn’t take any photos because I was so soaked through that I didn’t want to risk pulling my camera out. I was frozen. 

I’m not sure I took the right trail down into Snoqualmie, but I took the most direct way in my desperation to get out of the rain. I can’t believe the hotel let me in. I was standing at the reception desk dripping wet and creating a puddle on the ground – the receptionist was incredibly kind and understanding! I got a room, dropped off my stuff, turned on the heater and went next door to the Chevron to pick up my resupply box and a bottle of red wine. I then noticed the Aardvark mobile food truck opposite the Chevron and I walked over and ate a delicious yellow chicken curry – it was so so good and so big and so warming. I also got a free beer there for being a thru hiker, thanks!


My resupply box at the Chevron

I went back to the room and spent forever in a hot shower then spread out everything to dry. I put my washing in with Zigzags and settled into my room with wine and mac n cheese that I got takeaway from the Aardvark truck. Life is good!

Spreading out and trying to dry everything in my room

 About 9pm I headed over to the pub that brew their own beer and joined the Tits, Rainbow, Ladiesman, Zigzag, Springer and Slash. Thanks Ladiesman for the flight of beer, they were delicious!


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