PCT Day 148, Snoqualmie Pass to Mile 2405

Day 148 

Snoqualmie Pass to mile 2405, 15 miles 

Cost: Camped, free

Great news that I forgot to mention, the trail is now open again all the way to Canada, woohoo!! For a long time there’s been a fire in North East Washington that caused part of the trail to close between Steven’s Pass and Stehekin so lots of hikers had to finish their hike in Steven’s Pass, 200 miles short of the border. It has now reopened because of all the rain we’ve had, so no more detours 🙂

I had a lazy morning, slept in, did my chores of back flushing the filter, washing my stove etc, ate another curry from the Aardvark truck and finally left Snoqualmie at an incredibly late 2pm. I wasn’t going to get far today!

Awesome food!


The Summit Inn, Snoqualmie


If it’s difficult for a horse…!


It was Labour Monday today so there were lots of day hikers out on the trail and it wasn’t raining 🙂 The trail was rough and rugged with heaps of rocks but beautiful with stunning scenery around every corner. 


Only 265 more miles to Canada!


My very first view of Mt Rainier

I stopped to talk to a hiker coming the other way and I noticed a mountain covered in snow, it was my very first view of Mt Rainier!
Then I was up walking through the mist again. Today was incredibly up and down!      
I really didn’t want to be walking in the dark, but unfortunately I was for about 45 minutes and it was a very rocky section, a section I wouldn’t have liked to hike even in daylight. I finally came to the first costume in miles and saw a headlamp, it was Blazing Star. I camped next to her and ate dinner in my tent and vowed not to walk in the dark again. 

Today’s elevation


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