PCT Day 149, Mile 2405 to 2431

Day 149 

Mile 2405 to 2431, 26 miles 

Cost: Camped, free

I woke up quite a few times through the night because of some kind of rodent moving over my pack in my vestibule. At one point it sounded like whatever it was was actually inside my tent and I turned my headlamp on expecting to see a hole in my tent, thankfully there wasn’t.  I scared it off for a 4th time then I heard Blazing star wake up suddenly and turn her light on – it had somehow landed on top of her tent over her head! She told me she thought it looked like a Pica. 










Drying everything out, there was a lot of condensation last night



A very zig zag trail!


Haven’t seen a snake for ages!


Having lunch with the Tits and Zigzag



Another very hilly day


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