PCT Day 150, Mile 2431 to 2451

Day 150

Mile 2431 to 2451, 20 miles 

Cost: Camped, free

Again I woke in the night after hearing something climbing on my pack. I turned on my headlamp and scared whatever it was away, then went back to sleep. I woke up at 6:45am which is late by hiker standards but I’ve decided to not set my alarm anymore and just wake up when I do. 

It was a freezing cold morning with a strong wind and my tent was completely soaked from condensation, as were the others’ tents. I put on extra layers and packed up as quickly as possible before finding shelter out of the wind where I cooked porridge for breakfast and a nice hot coffee. 

I set off just after the Tits (and after Wall-ee and Snow White) and after 1.5 miles we came to the first ford which was nice and easy across stepping stones. We bumped into Zigzag having a second breakfast of a tortilla wrapped with cheese and kit kat….!


I camped last night with the Tits and Wall-ee and Snow White


Our first river crossing, nice and easy on stepping stones


Second river crossing on logs!


A pica


A yellow jacket nest


Another pica


Camped near two day hikers and Wall-ee and Snow White


This stretch from Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass is 19000 feet elevation gain and 17000 loss – it’s stunningly beautiful but incredibly up and down!

The next stretch after I arrive in Stevens Pass tomorrow is Stevens Pass to Stehekin (5 days), then I’ll stay a night in Stehekin and eat lots of good food at the bakery, then 4 days from there to Canada. I don’t think there’s any phone service between there and Canada so my next post will hopefully be from Canada in about 10 days unless I find phone service somewhere in between. Till then!

7 responses to “PCT Day 150, Mile 2431 to 2451

  1. Congratulations! I’m confident that you will make the border safely and full of well deserved elation – my what a journey!. I’ve followed your blog and progress on the PCT since inviting Brad (“Shepherd”) and his companions to stop by as you passed through Plumas County. I think all of you were in a hurry to make the big miles so we never met. You are making good time despite the cold, fires, lack of sleep, and of course mice..Thank you so much for sharing your observations, thoughts and great photos of your thru-hike. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure..

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  2. Washington certainly has tested your stamina! What awful weather. Thankfully it has helped quell the fires. Hope your ankle is bearing up. Your photos are amazing. The mists made everything look so ethereal. The snow, too, looked beautiful along the trail. Chris and I went over the Snoqualmie Pass in 2007 and visited the falls. We were in a car though so more able to manage the ups and downs! Good luck with the last leg. Hope to see you arrive safely at the Canadian border.

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