Cycling Japan – day 4 – Kamikawa campsite to Kushima

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  • Day 4 – Kamikawa campsite to Kushima
  • Distance: 71.6km
  • Ascent / descent: 479m / 475m
  • Weather: sunny and hot
  • Accom: Hotel Nakamuraso, Kushima, ¥5,400

I had two choices today, either head back through Kagoshima or turn east and head to Miyazaki instead. I decided to go for the Miyazaki option as I had already spent a few days in Kagoshima but have never been to Miyazaki.

It was a hot day and I was already starting to get sunburnt when I decided to stop for lunch at an old-looking supermarket for a bite to eat. I bought an obento and sat outside eating it when an elderly lady on a bicycle rode up to me and started chatting. She asked me where my tea was and I pointed to my water bottle on the bike. She then went into the supermarket and came out with a bunch of bananas for me and an iced cold milk coffee. That’s a double whammy for me – I don’t like bananas and I’m lactose intolerant! What to do?! She insisted that I drink the coffee straight away because it was nice and cold so I unscrewed the cap and took a very small sip in front of her (the last thing I want while riding is to have the shits!), and begged her pleadingly (in my head) not to stand there and make me eat a banana! She eventually left and I was able to pour the coffee away (I know this is a waste but it would really make me sick!) and I packed the bananas in my bag.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

I reached a river path which was a welcome site for a few km even though I had a headwind the entire time. I also saw one long black snake sunning itself on this path but it slithered away before I got close enough for a picture.

Rows of green tea

Rows of green tea

Riverside path

My first riverside path and I’m delighted!

Cycling between fields

Cycling between fields

I just happened upon a sign for this ancient burial mound…

Yokose ancient tomb

Yokose ancient tomb

Yokose ancient tomb

Yokose ancient tomb

I eventually found a 7-11 and stopped to use wifi. I was also able to give the bananas away to an elderly man who gave me a peanut butter sandwich as a swap – this was perfect as I love these sandwiches!

Although I’d been putting on sunscreen all day my legs got really burnt. 🥵

I decided to check into a hotel in Kushima to escape the bad weather that’s expected overnight. I also need to try and make a plan for the coming week as I’ve realised I’m a lot more efficient if I know exactly where I’m trying to aim for each day.

Coastal views

Coastal views

Hotel Nakamuraso, Kushima
Hotel Nakamuraso, Kushima
Udon noodles for dinner Udon noodles for dinner
And edamame
The hotel has a free washing machine, I just had to buy some powder from the convenience store next door, then turn up the heating in the room to get everything to dry!
JB4 – elevation profile from Garmin connect
JB4 – google map from Garmin Connect

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