Cycling Japan – notes / stats / apps

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  • Number of days: 69 (including 11 rest days)
  • Distance: 4529.9km
  • Ascent: 37,312m
  • Descent: 36,786m
My 4,529km route cycling the length of Japan

My 4,529km route cycling the length of Japan (map from Komoot)

Accommodation  No. of nights Cost (¥)
camped 25 3300
Warmshowers 3 0
Couchsurfing 5 0
hostel / guesthouse 13 36,730
rider’s house 3 1400
with friends 3 0
minshuku 4 23,522
hotel 11 63,220
TOTAL 67 128,172

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Apps I used and recommend:

  • Komoot – for planning my route on the go (on my iPhone) and voice turn-by-turn instructions in cities and towns. Komoot really was invaluable for me on this trip even though I never want to hear ‘You have left the tour, take a look at the map’ ever again!
  • Couchsurfing – for accommodation
  • Warmshowers – for accommodation
  • Michi – this app shows Michi-no-eki’s as well as campgrounds, onsens and ryokans and I found the map really useful for offline use.
  • FreeWiFi (also known as Town WiFi) – I was introduced to this just before arriving in Hokkaido so I didn’t get to use it much, but if you’re travelling without a Japanese sim and relying on WiFi as I was, then it would be an invaluable source.
  • – this app is in Japanese but was the most reliable weather forecast I came across

Some of the wildlife I saw (plus 5 snakes and a few white-tailed eagles too):

I took a GoPro with me and have hundreds of hours of footage which I hope to someday get around to doing something with 😉 In the meantime, here’s a slideshow of friendships and selfies…

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Happy trails and happy cycling 🙂

2 responses to “Cycling Japan – notes / stats / apps

  1. Amazing trip, Kat! Thanks for sharing it. We had no idea that there were so many kms in a small country like Japan. Gerry and I were there for a month for our honeymoon. We remember all the hills but didn’t cycle them, thankfully. 🙂
    Gerry, our daughter and I are planning to cycle the Danube River from Germany to Hungary beginning Aug. 15. We’ll do about 1200 kms or so – not nearly as many as you!

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