Memorial benches in London

Places to reflect, remember and maybe even feel inspired by the nature, majesty of St Paul’s and memories of Kat.

We used to walk down to St Paul’s Cathedral all the time. In springtime, Kat was always keen to check up on the cherry blossom trees just over the road, on the south side. Fingers crossed, the cherry blossom will be visible from this new bench in the Churchyard Gardens (just below the tree on the right in the photo below).

Thank you Robin for this lovely photo

Another of Kat’s favourite London haunts was visiting the Regent’s Canal in Islington, between Noel Road and Vincent Terrace. On nearby Charlton Place there was often the same friendly cat hanging out. He would always come over to see Kat so she could spoil him with cuddles.

Keep following the arrows…

With thanks to City of London and Islington Council for the benches and the photos of them.

7 responses to “Memorial benches in London

  1. Such a brilliant way to commemorate the life of an inspirational woman May all who pause there be reminded to keep following the arrows.


  2. Such a beautiful memorial for such a brave wonderful person placed in her favourite spots.
    Think of her so often.


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