Thames Path and Aussie memorial benches

On the anniversary of Kat’s funeral, I retraced Kat’s steps along the Thames Path to the new memorial bench beyond Kew Gardens. The trail took me past Mortlake Crematorium, where the daffodils looked as beautiful as last year. It turned out to be a (pretty flat) 30km walk from London Bridge to Richmond (27.5km to the bench) and I got to see a lot of London on a beautiful day. That was still a lot less than the 51km Kat did on her first day of the Thames Path in December 2013: Thames Barrier to Richmond! I’m looking forward to continuing my pilgrimage west to the source of the river. (I have previously walked from Thames Barrier to London Bridge with Kat.)

Following Kat’s blog (…/day-1-charlton-train…/) I kept my eyes peeled so I could try and recreate the photos she had taken. It was very moving standing exactly where she had stood and taking in the same view. Below is a sample of my and Kat’s photos.

11 responses to “Thames Path and Aussie memorial benches

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey following Kat’s steps. One day I will get over there to sit on Kat’s bench and let that wanderlust spirited woman know how much she touched my life…and so many others!

    Please share your future treks and may each step carry you towards healing and peace. The sadness wanes as gratitude takes precedence for her many gifts shared.

    My best!

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  2. Hi, can you tell me where the seat is in Creswick as I live near there and would love to visit. Thank you, Jennifer


  3. I never met Kat but i followed her on her walks and got to admire her. She is a unique woman and i will never forget her and the lessons she gave me . May she rest in heavenly peace.

    PS. Thank you for continuing her vlog ! Sincerely, Elsa Sent from my iPad



  4. What a beautiful post, and I loved the photos and how you were able to- quite literally- stand in Kat’s footsteps. How was she always able to capture birds in flight at just the right moment?? She had such a gift. One day I hope to be able to sit on one of her benches.


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