Day 22, Leon to Vilar de Mazarife, 22.2km

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May 22nd, 2013

A new experience.

We had a late night last night so when I woke up, I called and booked an albergue in Mazarife (I was told to arrive by 5pm), and then I went back to sleep. We had another lovely champagne breakfast then I said a sad farewell to Katharina and left Leon at 12pm – the time I would usually be arriving at the destination! It was a beautiful sunny day and I was also sad to be leaving Leon, I could easily have stayed for 3 or 4 days.

My new experience today was walking completely alone along the track for almost 10km! I didn’t see anyone; no pilgrims, no locals, no cars… it was a little creepy because I’m so used to seeing pilgrims in front and behind me at all times. I had brought lunch from the hotel buffet breakfast and ate it along the track, all alone.

I listened to music and the birds and walked a steady pace and arrived at the albergue for 5pm. It had been lovely walking through the afternoon in the warm sun, rather than the freezing cold of the mornings before sunrise. I cooked pasta for dinner and whilst I was sitting outside in the courtyard eating, a few cowboys rode past with a herd of sheep… The whole town actually felt like a wild western movie set, it was a very old, quiet, country town.

Tomorrow I need to set my alarm for 5:30am for the first time in a week!

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3 responses to “Day 22, Leon to Vilar de Mazarife, 22.2km

  1. We may have been at the milestone with the boots on top around the same time while trekking. I have a picture of the same boots. I was there in late May of 2013 as well. Buen Camino.


    • Hi Say Simba,

      It wouldn’t surprise me! I found it fascinating to look at photos of the beginning of my camino and see people in them that I didn’t meet until much later and became very good friends with!

      Are you planning another walk?

      Buen Camino,


      • One day, Kat. Just not sure when. It is in me now, and I want to go back and experience it once again with new eyes, perhaps even bring others along.


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