Day 21, Leon REST DAY

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May 21st, 2013

It was so nice to sleep in a real bed with sheets and a pillow and not in my sleeping bag, but I still woke at 5am and then 7am and wasn’t able to sleep in. We were looking forward to the champagne breakfast and we took our time trying everything they had in the buffet, it was delicious.

Champagne breakfast at the Parador in Leon

Champagne breakfast at the Parador in Leon


We then decided it was such a nice hotel that we should stay a second night, rather than changing to the albergue! So we extended our stay and took the opportunity to relax in the hotel, catch up on journal entries, write some postcards and then go sightseeing around Leon.

Leon is such a beautiful, livable city – it has everything you need but it’s not too big or small and I loved wandering around all the little streets.


We went on another tapas crawl and met some locals who took us under their wing and showed us their Leon, it was a fantastic but very late night!


Pilgrim statue opposite the Parador in Leon

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