Day 26, Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo, 23.4km

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May 26th, 2013

A beautiful relaxed day.

It was very hard to find the little yellow arrows leaving town today and I left late which meant I couldn’t follow any pilgrims! I made a reservation for an albergue in Villafranca as I knew I wanted to take it easy and stop to smell all the flowers.

I walked through another wine region and was surrounded by the Mencia grapes. In the middle of a field of grapevines there was a rustic looking shed that offered wine tasting inside, as well as comfy chairs, for a donation. I stopped with Rick from Canada who I had met a few days ago and we tasted the wine the old man enthusiastically gave us. He also had some freshly picked peas on the table that we gobbled down after not having seen fresh veggies for quite some time!

As we continued to walk we commented on the fact that during the camino we had walked through many grape growing areas but had never come across a winery offering tastings. Within minutes of having this conversation we came across a winery! We went in and asked to taste the wines of the region. It turned out the winery was only open for a private appointment (which we had gate-crashed) but they served us all of their wines anyway. The wine was delicious. It was such a wonderful feeling to be walking but enjoying the journey as well. We arrived at the albergue at 3:30pm after a lovely, sunny, relaxing day. 

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