Day 20, Mos to Pontevedra, 30.9km

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  • June 30th, 2014
  • Pontevedra: Municipal Albergue, €5
  • Weather: Cool, 20 degrees

Joanna and I left at 6am forgetting it would be dark in Spain for an extra hour than we were used to. The other thing we had to remember was to say Gracias for thank you instead of Obrigada and say Buenos Dias for good morning rather than Bom Dia…

It was a beautiful walk today with 3 hills and views of lovely valleys and the sea. There were also many other pilgrims that we passed along the way.

We arrived at the albergue (municipal 1.5km before Pontevedra, €5) around 2pm, showered and washed clothes then found a supermarket nearby to buy groceries for a salad for lunch and pasta for dinner. It was an afternoon of sleeping, eating and relaxing.

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