Day 16, Temples 32-35, 38km

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Our hotel had a free breakfast which was terrific value considering it only cost the equivalent of $35 for the night. And I got a sleep-in, I didn’t have to meet the guys for brekkie until 6:30am.

The path we needed to get onto was at Temple 31 which we’d all already been to. Dave showed Patrick and I where we’d gone wrong yesterday so we didn’t have to go through the fruit orchard again today!

It was another hot day but everyone is talking about the next super typhoon ‘Francisco’ that looks to be heading Japan’s way and the forecast is for rain later on in the week.

Temple 32 had some interesting Tanuki statues (raccoon dog with very large testicles – said to have special powers), there was one tanuki statue with underpants on, I’ve never seem ‘them’ covered up before… 🙂

Between Temple 32 & 33 there was a short ferry ride and then on the way to Temple 34 we passed fields of beautiful bright cosmos flowers.

It was 10km to Temple 35 and our accommodation slip mentioned they had free accommodation there; we just needed to arrive before 5pm to get our stamp and ask about the accommodation. It was a rush but we made it with 10 minutes to spare, exhausted after the uphill climb and the million and one stairs that every temple has!

After doing the prayers I went to the office, got my stamp and asked about the accommodation. It turned out to be the nicest free accommodation I’d seen so far – a building with a kitchen, tables, chairs and two tatami mat rooms that would probably sleep at least 10 people. We had all brought dinner with us from the last convenience store so we ‘bathed’ in the toilets then had dinner and hit the sack early.

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