Day 20, No Temples (Shimonokae), 20km

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  • Friday 25 October, 2013
  • Weather: Torrential rain, 20⁰C 
  • Temples: None, 20km
  • Accommodation: Pension Anshuku 0880-84-0567, Shimonokae, ¥4,000

It rained all through the night and all day again so barely any pictures except when walking through the 1,620m long tunnel, the longest dry period for the entire 20km walk!!

We arrived at our accommodation and went through the same ritual of the last 3 days: stuffing and wrapping our wet shoes with newspaper to help them dry and emptying the contents of our bags to let everything dry out. We both have all our stuff in ‘drybags’ inside the pack, then a raincover over the packs and a poncho as well, but with horizontal rain everything gets wet!

We arrived by 1pm, went to the convenience store next door, stocked up on junk food, beer and wine and had a marathon Breaking Bad session on Dave’s iPad while the rain continued outside! Praying for sun tomorrow as we have a 50+ km day!

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