PCT Day 7, Mile 94.5 to Warner Springs

Day 7
Mile 94.5 to Warner Springs, 15 miles
Cost: $0

Today in a nutshell: Crazy winds that lasted all through the night but my tent managed incredibly well (considering I thought I was going to take flight!), trail magic in the form of beer and choc chip pancakes made by a Trail Angel (Vegie) at Barrel Springs (thank you Vegie, the pancake was delicious!), a blister on my heel that took me an hour to be able to stand on my foot properly, 1 snake (have photo evidence this time!), a rock that looked like a camel’s head, a rock that looked like an eagle, delight at arriving at Warner Springs Resource centre, a double hamburger with Julian’s apple pie & icecream, meeting lots of other hikers camping at Warner Springs, Nancy from the resource centre lancing all my blisters, walking around with 6 pieces of thread pierced through my blisters!

We’re about to enter another long stretch with some iffy water sources.


Can you see a camel’s head?


100 miles!!


Yummy trail magic pancakes, thanks Vegie!

The snake I saw


The long and winding road


Nancy lancing my blisters


Vegie, the amazing trail angel


Roxanne and I at Eagle rock


Tomorrow will need to be an 18 mile day to get to a water tank and hopefully camp nearby, then it’s a 24 mile stretch without water which will take 2 days. There’s bad weather (snow, ice and rain) forecast from Wed – Sat, but I was going to have a zero day (hike in the day/night before then take off the next day, effectively having 2 nights somewhere) in the next town of Idylwild anyway so hopefully the bad weather will pass while I’m there 🙂

The Warner Springs resource centre has showers, toilets, water, delicious hamburgers and other food (open for breakfast and lunch), and a small store selling terrific hiker food (pasta/rice sides, cous cous, energy bars and lots more and also Nancy who will fix up your blisters, thank you Nancy!


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