PCT Day 8 Warner Springs to Trail Angel Mike’s place

Day 8
Warner Springs to Trail Angel Mike’s place, 18 miles
Cost: Donation

Today in a nutshell: I’m arguing with my feet. I have blisters on both feet and while I’m telling them to toughen up (because we’re in this together for a long time) they’re protesting. And while I’m complaining about malfunctioning body parts, my back pain flared up today as did my left quad – the quad is a totally new pain, what the?! Anyway, other than my body pains, today was a spectacular day. Butterflies the size of my hand, black lizards, horny lizards, birds of prey, wild flowers, massive boulders and then a terrific evening at Trail Angel Mike’s (but Mike wasn’t home) so we were all fed and entertained by Tom & Mom. It was such a fantastic evening with a great crowd of hikers, hamburgers cooked by Tom on the barbie, lasagna, potato salad, a rice dish and chilli dish cooked by Mom, then a trivia quiz hosted by Mom. And to top it all off, I have a bed in the RV (think Breaking Bad).


Great White Shark anyone?


It’s definitely a man’s head!

Home for the night


My first beer on the PCT



With Alex (left) & Doug (“Cuban B”)


Tom making delicious hamburgers


Sleeping in the RV

Since the beginning most of us have been hiking alone during the day but coming together at campsites in the evening. It’s a great little group we have that gets bigger and bigger each evening. I’m sure I’ll end up camping alone one of these days but for now I’m really enjoying the company and safety (from animals not people) of others.

Walking alone also gives me lots of time to check out the flowers, the stunning views, talk to the lizards and today I was entertained for at least 2 hours after eating a very delicious Chia Charge flapjack (not an American flapjack, an English flapjack which is a golden syrup and oats yummy bar), and then trying to get all the chia seeds out of my teeth with my tongue! I have teeth that all kinds of seeds get stuck in and considering my hands are filthy, I felt quite the achievement each time my tongue was able to dislodge a seed 🙂 … Ok, maybe I need to spend more time with others 😉


8 responses to “PCT Day 8 Warner Springs to Trail Angel Mike’s place

  1. Well done kat – amazing photos!! hope the feet heal up?! Can you take a rest day to let them heal? eek. And sending loving healing vibes to your back…..was wondering how it was doing xx

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