PCT Day 9, Trail Angel Mike’s place to mile 144

Day 9
Trail Angel Mike’s place to mile 144, 17 miles
Cost: Camped amongst boulders, free

Today in a nutshell: I slept well in the RV, felt sorry for those camping because of condensation and early morning mist, cold and wet to begin with until mist lifted (first time to wear my OR Helium rain jacket), pain in quad (pulled muscle?) and blister, on the “struggle bus” today (a phrase I first heard mentioned by Roxanne, I think she jumped off it and I jumped on it today!), stunning scenery as always and impossible not to appreciate even when gulping down the maximum daily limit of ibuprofen & tylenol, passed “The Ravens” (a family of four whose blog I’ve been following leading up to the PCT), got rattled at by a rattlesnake, slept in-between boulders with my growing hiker family.


Morning mist



The Ravens


The first rattlesnake I’ve seen


A lovely water cache


Home amongst the boulders




Loving the Mountain House Lasagna 🙂


Warning! There is a blister pic next! Stop here if you don’t want to see it!















8 responses to “PCT Day 9, Trail Angel Mike’s place to mile 144

  1. Well, a blister selfie and I was just having a snack! Your photos are stunning. Didn’t like the rattler!! Hope you took that with a zoom!

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