PCT Day 10, Mile 144 to Paradise Valley Cafe

Day 10
Mile 144 to Paradise Valley Cafe, 8 miles
Cost: Manzanita Cabins $110 per night for 4 people ($27.50 each per night)

Today in a nutshell: I loved my spot by the boulders and wasn’t bothered by the wind at all, started walking at 6am and had beautiful views of the nearby mountain range changing colour as the sun rose, walked the fastest I could to get to the Paradise Valley cafe for a huge breakfast and all the way argued with my body for giving me grief. Had an enormous breakfast of scrambled eggs with chorizo, tortilla, hot sauce and a side order of bacon, washed down with unlimited cups of coffee and an oj. Hitched into Idyllwild with 3 others, we were picked up after 2 minutes by a friendly man who dropped us off outside the outfitter where all the other hikers had congregated… Buying new shoes and gear! Sat in the sun drinking beers and margaritas and had a delicious Cobb salad for lunch. Checked into the Manzanita cabins with 3 others where I’m staying for 2 nights and had pizza for dinner before we all fell asleep around 9pm!

This free PCT library was at a water cache!


Breakfast at Paradise Valley Cafe


Today was a “nero” (low mileage day) and tomorrow I’m taking a “zero” (zero mileage day), to rest up, pick up my resupply box and eat lots of non-camping-food 🙂


Hmm, interesting!


Right on!


Hiker buddies and a cute little dog!


Monument in Idyllwild


This sums up Idyllwild to me


I know I need to listen to my body, especially as this is only Day 10 with a lot more days left so hopefully the next two days will be just what the body needs to get back in line with the mind, which just wants to keep on walking.


I’m so excited to see hummingbirds here!


Our home for the next two nights, Manzanita cabins


4 responses to “PCT Day 10, Mile 144 to Paradise Valley Cafe

  1. It’s amazing how our mind takes over. We can talk ourselves into or out of anything. I’m glad you choose to stay and give your body a rest. It will pay off. Your camera or phone takes the most amazing and colorful pics.

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  2. Hi Kat, rest is an important time for the mind to catch up with the body. Use the time to make new mates but most importantly to reflect and meditate on all these awesome lessons the road is teaching you. It is an equally peaceful and manic journey so take each moment where you can to meditate on finding tge balance. Keep walking, and keep writing, it’s really great 🌠😊😴👌🍺

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