PCT Day 11, Zero in Idyllwild

Day 11
Zero in Idyllwild
Cost: Manzanita Cabins $110 per night for 4 people ($27.50 each per night)

All 4 of us (Alex, Roxanne, Cuban B and myself) tried to sleep in and not wake each other up, so no one made any noise until around 8:30am! This was difficult considering my body clock is set to wake up around 5am now!

Cuban B and I went off to do laundry, then hit the bakery for breakfast with Rowan. A delicious coffee and pastry really hit the spot.

I then went off for a massage with a lady named Karen, I was hoping for a miracle cure with my quad that had been playing up over the past few days. The massage was supposed to be $70 for an hour but we went well over the hour and I was floating in a state of relaxation as I left. Karen was terrific and even gave me some Epsom salt in liquid form to put on any sore spots in the coming days… I wished she could come with me along the trail for a daily massage 😉

After the massage, I caught back up with our little gang (Alex, Roxanne, Cuban B & Rowan) and we headed over to La Casita for 99 cent Tacos night and margaritas. I’m pretty sure the entire population of Idyllwild were there that night.

 We headed over to Jo’s bar after devouring our tacos and continued with margaritas and a card game called spoons. Luckily we were using sugar sachets instead of spoons as it turns out we’re quite the competitive bunch and fingers/hands/feet were being crushed in the excitement.

Not wanting the day to end we then went over to Rohan’s cabin and watched Little Miss Sunshine.

It was a perfect zero day 🙂


With one of the many bears in Idyllwild


5 responses to “PCT Day 11, Zero in Idyllwild

  1. Hi Kat,
    Your trip sounds amazing so far. Love the pictures. Good to see how kind people are along the way. How is your back doing? You haven’t mentioned it recently.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha — that was my second theory. I saw that you posted a pic through instagram which I don’t foolow — old fogey here! Just glad to know you are still walking.


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