PCT Day 16, Day 16 Mile 226 to Coon Creek Cabin

Day 16
Mile 226 to Coon Creek Cabin, mile 246, (20 miles)
Cost: Camped, free

Today in a nutshell: slept well with the sound of the stream nearby, was warm in the valley. Left around 6:30am, slow climb up out of the valley, crossed the stream about a dozen times, poodle dog bush, chipmunks, hot, filled up water a few times and used Marathon John’s sawyer squeeze, afternoon rest at the last water source (mile 239) with Metric, Feed me, Dundee, Becca & Nomad. Ate a dinner there, easy last 6 miles. I’m sleeping on the floor of a cabin with Marathon John, Becca, Nomad, Dundee, Casey and another girl), the cabin seems a little creepy and I didn’t let my mind wander when one of the group mentioned “The Blairwitch project!” Hoping not to meet any mice/rats or other creepy crawlies tonight 🙂

A horned lizard


Infamous “Poodle Dog Bush” apparently much worse than Poison oak if touched


More snow


Ramen and stuffing mix for dinner


A very bad pic of Coon Creek Cabin


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