PCT Day 19, Big Bear Lake to mile 286

Day 19
Big Bear Lake to mile 286, 20 miles
Cost: Camped, free

Today in a nutshell: left hostel at 7:30am with 6 others, Paul took us back to the trail. Lovely morning with some cloud cover. Walked through woods, lots of rocks, burnt out areas. Stopped a few times with a fun group of people (Pam, Bangarang, Shaggy, Cool Breeze, Cuban B, Becca, Nomad, Marvin) shared jerky and kit kats and cheetos. Walked 20 miles but for the first time felt I could walk further except 20 miles brought me to a decent campsite by a river where I needed to get water. Camped with Cuban B, Cool Breeze, Pam, Bangarang, Shaggy, Becca & Nomad. Fun evening with a really great bunch of people.

(Not sure why I didn’t take many pictures today…)


Getting a ride back to the trail with Cuban B & Cool Breeze


Brand new shoes


A rocky path


Time for a break


My miniscule tobasco making my pasta that much tastier!


Home for the night


Sunset view



One response to “PCT Day 19, Big Bear Lake to mile 286

  1. Sounds like you are settling into a nice rhythm. I had an opportunity to hike a few miles on the PCT and passed mile 300. You should be through there today or tomorrow.


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