PCT Day 18, Zero at Big Bear Lake

Day 18
Zero at Big Bear Lake
Cost: Big Bear Hostel, $17

Today in a nutshell:

Went for breakfast with Cuban B, Rohan and Alex at Teddy’s, packed up my stuff, charged my electronics, picked up 4 boxes (my resupply, new shoes* and 2 from Howard – thank you!), washed my stove pot, updated my blog, walked to Big 5 with Cuban B and Cool Breeze, bought a mini sawyer (to replace my original one that froze), also bought a new Gatorade bottle and new smart water bottle (my 2 bottles were 17 days old and getting a little gross with all the different carnation breakfast mixes, coffee and electrolyte tablets that I have been mixing in them), went to the park and relaxed in the sun. Came back and moved to a new room with Bugs, went out for dinner with a guy called Paul (who works at the hostel) to The Social (I wanted a salad and all the other hikers were out getting their fill of calories on burgers and fries!). I had a delicious seared tuna salad. Lovely scenic town.

* My new Brooks Cascadia 10s developed small holes after 7 days on the trail so I contacted Brooks and their customer service was terrific, especially considering they have a disclaimer on their website stating that they know Cascadias are popular on the PCT but they are not made for hiking. By Big Bear Lake the holes were ridiculously big but Brooks sent me a one-off free replacement pair. Thank you Brooks and I really hope these new shoes last more than 2 weeks!


Scrambled eggs with chorizo for breakfast


Holey shoes


Holey shoes


Trying some Californian beer


In reference to the Grizzlies that used to be in Big Bear


9 responses to “PCT Day 18, Zero at Big Bear Lake

  1. Hi Kat !!

    Wow, those shoes just weren’t made for the job!! They looked stunning to begin with … but oops!!
    I had been considering something similar for the Camino, but now I must think again!!
    With best wishes



  2. FYI, had similar problems with Brooks Cascadias 9s last year on my thru-hike. I just ignored the holes and just hiked on except when a stick jammed into one of the holes and I nearly did a face plant. I found that v8s did not have that problem. See Sad old shoes. I typically switched shoes every 400-500 miles, and used 5 pairs for the thru-hike. Sincerely, Tartan PCT 2014


  3. We were in Big Bear Lake on our road trip in 2006. Amazing views in all directions. In such clear air up at 7000 feet! Did you see any cholla cactus – teddybear cactus! Love the wild lupin photo. You should see them again in the Cascades. So glad you have lots of company along the trail! Pity about the walking shoes! How are the blisters?


    • Yep I’ve seen lots of cholla cactus (I just had to google it to make sure because I have no idea of their names!) There are so many cactus and wild flowers out here, it’s really beautiful. No blisters right now, I think my feet are getting used to the heat and dirt. Xx


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