PCT Day 20, Mile 286 to mile 310

Day 20
Mile 286 to mile 310, 24 miles
Cost: Camped, free

Today in a nutshell: Left just after 6, followed the stream, crossed it numerous times sometimes on rocks and once over a log. Filled up water at 2 crossings and soaked my feet in the cold fast flowing water. Beautiful scenery and terrific company at each break (Pam, Bangarang, Shaggy, Cool Breeze, Cuban B, Radish, Poca, Pot & Lid). One snake and one horny lizard. Passed the 300 mile mark. Arrived at Deep Spring hot spring with heaps of day tourists who had hiked in, today being a Saturday. Borrowed Bangarang’s shorts and went for a swim in the cold water then in the hot spring – it was hot!! Emerged clean 🙂 Had dinner at Deep Spring then left just after 7pm to continue along the trail and find somewhere to camp (there’s no camping within 1 mile of deep spring). Squeezed into a tiny space on the sand by the river next to Shaggy and Cuban B, falling asleep to the sound of the river and cicadas. Lovely warm evening and my longest day on the PCT yet at 24 miles.


Morning selfie

I had to cross that log!


Tortilla with cheese and pepperoni


A tortilla with cheese and peanut butter for lunch


300 miles, yeehah!




Everyday there are stunning views!

Dinner after my swim at Deep Creek hot spring


Campsite on the beach


2 responses to “PCT Day 20, Mile 286 to mile 310

  1. I was on this part of the PCT around mile 300 on Saturday and I saw you. I almost asked you if you were Kat but I didn’t. I didn’t think you were that far along. I remember your green skirt. I am so bummed. I see now by your post that you are a few days behind on your posting. I was hiking with a meetup.com group that day by chance. That was my first time on that part of the PCT. It was a beautiful area. You are probably in Wrightwood or close to there by now. Still enjoying your posts. Take care.


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