PCT Day 42, Mile 631 to Walker Pass campground mile 651

Day 42
Mile 631 to Walker Pass campground mile 651, 20 miles
Cost: camped, free

I slept in, made coffee and relaxed in my tent. I noticed that my food bag was looking a little light so I pulled everything out and made 3 days of food piles. There wasn’t much to make up each pile 😦 … Usually I would supplement my resupply box by adding some cheese, crackers, more nuts, pretzels etc in town, but the last thing I did in Vegas was eat at the Bellagio buffet and thought I would never eat again. I’ve learnt from that mistake. Today I was allowing myself to eat one granola bar for breakfast, an orange for lunch (picked up from the Trail Angel called Dawn yesterday) then I could have Idahoan mashed potato for dinner. What I wanted was a lot more than this! I was also struggling with the water, having left my camp with 4 litres to walk 20 miles but because I left so late and it was a hot day, I was drinking a lot more than usual.


I’m tired

     I flip flopped with Thunderbunny, Lebowski, Beetlejuice, Shepherd and KC all day.
Where the PCT joined a dirt trail I caught up with Fancypants, Bucket & Rally. They asked me how I was going and I think I jokingly replied that I was hungry and thirsty. Next thing I know, they were all handing me food and a litre of water! I didn’t want to accept anything because it was my fault I was out here with not enough food but they insisted as they were on their way into a town tonight to resupply (Lake Isabella) and didn’t want to take the food with them. I was very grateful and my lunch went from being an orange to Fritos, nuts, crackers, a reese peanut butter cup and a chocolate energy bar washed down with a litre of water, thank you so much Fancypants & Bucket!


Bucket, Rally and Fancypants


Food and water from Bucket and Fancypants, thank you!

On the dirt road there were a stack of dirt bikes, quad bikes and a Herbie going around every few minutes so it was a slow 2 miles along the road.

 I arrived at Walker Pass and was greeted by amazing Trail Magic: Meadow Ed (who went through Cheryl Strayed’s pack in Kennedy Meadows in 1995), Katie & another Trail Angel were cooking dinner and there was an icebox full of soda and beer. Dinner was salad, spaghetti, bread, corn chips and birthday cake as it will soon be Meadow Ed’s 70th bday. It was awesome, thank you!!


With Meadow Ed


Dinner and beer


A delicious salad


Delicious spag bol


Happy Birthday Meadow Ed and Dundee



4 responses to “PCT Day 42, Mile 631 to Walker Pass campground mile 651

  1. OMG — I am laughing so hard. When we lived in London, I went to weight watchers there. The other women at the meeting kep talking about “spag bowls”. I had no idea for two weeks what the #&%^$ the meant! I finally asked at one of our meetings and they all stared at me like I was from Mars. But no “spag bowl” is part of my vocabulary! Ultreia!

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  2. Thank goodness for those wonderful Trail Angels. I guess it must be all or nothing at this time of year along the trail. They do a fantastic job in supporting the hikers with their generosity and goodwill. Enjoy your next leg.


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