PCT Day 52, Crabtree meadow over Forrester Pass to mile 784

Day 52
Crabtree Meadow (mile 766) over Forrester Pass to Bubbs Creek (mile 784), 18 miles
Cost: Camped, free

I woke up around 1:30am and the full moon was so bright that it was lighting up the mountains. I decided to try and take some photos of the stars and this is what I got:  

I’m the morning I woke up to frost covering everything: my shoes, my tent, the meadow… But the deers didn’t seem to mind.


On the way up to Forrester Pass we passed numerous streams, lakes, snow and ice fields and I repeated my “light” mantra from yesterday. We didn’t need to put our microspikes on today as the snow was quite slushy and I decided that ice is better than slush to walk on (with microspikes!).  


Frozen lakes


The highest point on the PCT


On top of Forrester Pass


The guthook’s app shows me on top of Forrester Pass


Post holing down!



Coming down Forrester Pass, the views were just as spectacular as going up. We made camp after 18 miles, most with wet socks after the numerous stream crossings and the water rushing down the trail. We all ate as much as possible to empty our bear canisters so tomorrow our packs would be lighter heading over Kearsage Pass to Lone Pine.


5 responses to “PCT Day 52, Crabtree meadow over Forrester Pass to mile 784

  1. Fabulous photos of a really stunning part of the trail. We loved the Sequoia National Park – so rugged – it also had the largest of the giant sequoias. We have pictures of being dwarfed at the foot of General Sherman. There are supposed to be black bears and cougars in the national park!


  2. The night photos are spectacular! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful experience to those of us that aren’t on the trail right now.

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  3. Hi Kat.

    I’ve been “stalkingishly” following your blog for the past few months in awe over what you are doing!

    I’m loving all your photos and the nicknames you’re giving your fellow PCT hikers!

    The photos out your tent at 1:30am are truly extraordinary – so much so that I have had to comment to let you know!

    Thank-you for sharing your journey with all of us blogees!

    Safe travels!

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