PCT Day 56, Middle Rae Lake (793.5) to mile 811, via Pinchot Pass

Day 56
Middle Rae Lake campsite (mile 793.5), to mile 811, 17.5 miles
Cost: Camped, free

A small critter (mouse/chipmunk/squirrel…?) chewed through my odour proof ziplock bag last night that was placed in the bear box and that had all my food that wouldn’t fit inside my bear canister 😦 I now have a partly chewed through Clif bar, bounce bar and Kendal mint cake. I put the rodent-chewed-bars into a small ziplock… I’ll eat them if I get desperate!

My ankle took a while to warm up before I could put my full weight down on it.  There were dozens of river crossings; the first one across a log which hurt to balance on so I decided to just walk straight through every other stream and get my feet wet. 

Looking back at Fin Dome

River crossing


The JMT and PCTZ overlap from Mt Whitney to Yosemite


Enjoying getting my feet wet!


We all met up and had lunch at the suspension bridge, which turned out to be incredibly wobbly! On the other side of the bridge we passed the 800 mile marker, yay! 


A suspension bridge over Woods Creek




It took forever for us all to make it to the top of Pinchot Pass after postholing through fields of snow… But we made it. 

It was a stunningly beautiful day and a terrific campsite but my ankle is killing me. 



Chilling out on top of Pinchot Pass


3 responses to “PCT Day 56, Middle Rae Lake (793.5) to mile 811, via Pinchot Pass

  1. How are you bearing up now? At lease you were applying the ice cold compress! Hope you get chance to give it a rest. Congratulations on reaching the 800 mile marker.


    • Zigzag (who’s a physio) has given me exercises to do and I’m still trying to take it very easy on the descents. It hurts in the mornings and I seem to roll it a few times each day but I have it wrapped and keep telling it that it needs to hurry up and heal!


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