PCT Day 59, Mile 846 to 862

Day 59
Mile 846 to 862, 16 miles
Cost: Camped, free

We woke to rain, packed up everything wet and walked in rain all day long. 

It was still incredibly scenic even in the rain and fog but it meant that I hardly took any photos because my camera was packed away deep inside my bag trying to stay dry. 

We forded Evolution Creek which can be a dangerous river crossing in high snow years but with some careful thought about where to cross, we only got wet up to our knees.  


Evolution creek – this is what we walked across



We all met up for lunch and tried to eat under the cover of trees, out of the rain. The rain was relentless.

       We set up camp in the rain above 10,000 feet and hoped that tomorrow would bring the sun so we would have a chance to dry out all our wet gear.

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