PCT Day 58, Mile 828.5 to 846 (via John Muir Pass)

Day 58
Mile 828.5 to 846 via Muir Pass, 17.5 miles
Cost: Camped, free


Starry night, taken from the vestibule of my tent

Beautiful morning. Woken to birdsong and woodpecker. Deers.


Bridge crossing


Monster Rock!

There was a gradual climb up to John Muir Pass then the last mile was postholing through deep snow. Beautiful hut on top built in 1930. 



Muir Hut


I’m the blue dot


The ceiling inside Muir hut


Mr Smith starting the descent


It was a gradual descent as well but I was losing energy and getting tired in the afternoon… I need to rethink my food resupplies, I have hardly any snacks left and what I have isn’t giving me enough energy.



Stream crossing

 We had a terrific night chatting over dinner together. 


An awesome group!


One response to “PCT Day 58, Mile 828.5 to 846 (via John Muir Pass)

  1. Awesome, awesome photos of your hike! Thank you for the different perspective of the John Muir hut! I’m loving following your fabulous adventure.

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