PCT Day 60, Mile 862 – 879, via Selden Pass

Day 60
Mile 862 to 879 (via Selden Pass), 17 miles
Cost: Camped, free

We woke up to sunshine which we were all incredibly happy about 🙂 

About 45 minutes after leaving camp I came to a lake with a nice breeze and sunny spot and decided to dry out my gear then and there… I was worried about the dark storm clouds that seemed to be hovering over the direction we were headed.  


Teflon filtering water

Drying time

There was another deep stream we had to ford and when I arrived there, everyone was waiting on the other side for me, clapping me on as I walked through the water which reached over my knees this time. It was lovely and refreshing and I could have gone for a swim. 



Log crossing


In the afternoon we passed these rocks on the trail telling us we could get AT&T phone service, the first time to get service in 6 days… We sat on the trail here for quite a while!

The first time to get phone service in 6 days


Mary Jane’s Lentil dinner

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