PCT Day 70, Mile 963 to mile 981

Day 70
Mile 963 to mile 981, 18 miles
Cost: Camped, free


The stars and milky way last night

All of our alarms went off within a minute of each other at 6am but no-one stirred and we all slept in until 7am, it felt so good!! 

It was a cold morning and I had frost on my tent but this meant no mozzies which was a nice change. We left just after 8 and had 3 big climbs for the day. 


My new favourite lunch: laughing cow soft herb cheese and salami


A river crossing


There were lots of river crossings on high logs and it made a nice change to not get my feet wet, but a couple were a little scary! There were beautiful wildflowers and it was a really nice chilled out day. 

We still didn’t catch up to the others (hope they’re not missing their laundry too much!) and we camped up high trying to get away from the mozzies but it didn’t work. We’re not sure what’s worse: mozzies or having to carry a heavy bear canister! 


2 responses to “PCT Day 70, Mile 963 to mile 981

  1. I checked the internet for lightweight breakfast options. A lot of them involved cooking. They talked about freeze dried fruit, granola, nuts etc. all of which are probably on your list. Hopefully there will be small towns along the way over the rest of the hike. 😀 stay nourished.

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