PCT Day 93, Hat Creek Resort to Mile 1395

Day 93
Hat Creek Resort (mile 1371) to mile 1395 (via JJ’s cafe), 25 miles
Cost: camped, free

I was originally planning on leaving super early to get as far as possible across the Hat Creek Rim for two reasons: it’s one of the driest and hottest sections since the desert (30 miles with no water) and I need to get to Burney on Wednesday before the post office closes at 4pm… But before I fell asleep last night I checked the progress of my ankle brace from Amazon and it’s not supposed to arrive until 8pm on Wednesday, 4 hours after the post office closes… So I slept in!

The others were planning on leaving in the afternoon so as not to be walking through the heat of the day so I said goodbye knowing they would probably catch up to me by Burney if not before. 

I walked the 4 miles to JJ’s cafe and had breakfast there with Treeman & Hedgehog. Breakfast was just as delicious as yesterday’s lunch but I ate so much that I didn’t want to move so I decided to stay a little while longer and let the food digest. Teflon came by and we chatted while she ate and I digested and I finally got up to leave at 12:30pm, the hottest time of the day 😦 I loaded up with 6l of water and my pack felt really heavy again. 

I guess I thought that because I’d already walked through the desert and quite a few dry stretches that today would be a walk in the park because the elevation profile showed it being quite flat… It really wasn’t! Today was hot and exposed and I was already rationing my water a few hours after setting off. 


Mt Lassen


Hat Creek Rim


This water cache was a very welcome surprise, thank you!


KC walked past just as I was setting up my tent and we camped together. We got a message from the Smiths and Shepherd saying their packages hadn’t arrived at the Post Office today so they have to stay an extra night in Old Station. We’ll all reunite in Ashland for Mr Smith’s and Shepherd’s birthdays, if not before. 

Not many camping options on the rim, I was surrounded by cow pats




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  1. Beautiful, unique, thistle flower. I’ve never seen one that color before. I’m enjoying following your blog. Living vicariously through your adventure.

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