PCT Day 92, Mile 1357 to Hat Creek Resort (Old Station)

Day 92
Mile 1357 to Hat Creek Resort (mile 1371), 14 miles
Cost: Stayed in a cabin at Hat Creek Resort for Mrs Smith’s birthday, $22 pp

I put my injinji liners on and realised they’re getting a little holey! 

Before bed last night I made a present for Mrs Smith wrapped in corn lily leaves and moss, decorated with an origami crane on top. There aren’t any shops on the trail so I gave her some goodies from my food bag – a Chia Charge flapjack bar (from the UK, she really likes them), a Kendal mint cake and Nutella sachet!

I was the last to leave around 7am and it was probably the easiest and flattest trail of the entire PCT until now! I loved it! 


Mt Lassen volcano

The nice, flat trail 🙂


I arrived at Hat Creek Resort and RV Park about midday with KC & Teflon. Shepherd greeted us with beers and Doritos, it was a lovely welcome. We had booked a hotel room at the resort but ours wasn’t ready yet so we dropped our bags in the Smith’s room and hitched 4 miles down the road to JJ’s cafe. Amazingly the car that stopped had room for all 6 of us.  

I had a really delicious lunch then hitched back the 4 miles to the RV park in a BMW… KC and I had started a bet back in Yosemite – $20 that I wouldn’t be able to hitch in a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus etc… I was just as surprised as KC that the BMW stopped and picked me up (I hadn’t yet showered or washed my clothes!) but they were very sweet and I  won $20 🙂

Back at the RV park we checked into our room, showered, did laundry, and then I worked out my resupply plan for the next 300 miles until Ashland. 

We gave Mrs Smith birthday cupcakes and a card and had a quiet night in watching TV (there’s nothing in Old Station!)

Just as I was getting ready for bed and charging all my electronics, my Anker battery broke – the micro USB port has pushed inside the case so it now rattles but won’t charge the battery. I quickly ordered a new one from Amazon to arrive by the weekend in Castella, but this means I’m going to have to be very careful with my battery life on my phone/camera/nano and inreach this week! 


2 responses to “PCT Day 92, Mile 1357 to Hat Creek Resort (Old Station)

  1. castella has charging points in the loos on the Campsite , There is a short cut to and from the store (before the park sign)
    I wasnt much impressed with the store last year unless you love Beer and the PO doesnt sort the Mail for hikers untill 11am
    Great to see your progress im so missing the Trail ;(


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