PCT Day 119, Oregon Skyline Trail (mile 4.4) to PCT mile 1907

Day 119

Oregon Skyline Trail Mile 4.4 to PCT mile 1907, 21 miles

Cost: Camped, free
We slept in until 5:45am (after the alarm went off at 5), then continued along the Oregon Skyline trail.

I must admit, the Oregon skyline trail isn’t as picturesque as the name sounds. There’s definitely no skyline and it’s more like miles of dead trees.


We stopped for water at Whitefish horse camp and by 9am I had eaten all of today’s snacks. I’m definitely getting hungrier and my snacks just aren’t lasting anymore.

The trail was beautiful the last 3 or so miles into Shelter Cove as it followed a river and was like a lush green rainforest.  

A beaver?

We arrived at Shelter Cove resort around 1pm after walking past the  biggest RV’s I’ve ever seen! It was a nice lake too. The only hot food they had was microwave pizza and burritos so KC and I shared a pizza with a few beers and lots of snacks to eat while waiting the hour for the pizza to cook.

The lake is in the background


After pizza I had a 6 minute shower ($3) and did laundry $1 to wash, $1 to dry. Then we hung out with lots of other hikers – the Tits, Ladiesman, DLux, Rabbit, Dundee…

We finally left at 8pm (it took a while to charge our electronics!) We found a flat spot to camp 5 miles down the trail but am a little worried about being squashed by a dead tree!


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