PCT Day 120, Mile 1907 to 1931

Day 120

Mile 1907 to mile 1931, 24 miles

Cost: Camped, free
I slept well and didn’t get squashed by any falling trees!

Looking at the water report, it looks like all the water sources for the next few days are lakes. The first lake I had to get water from was Lower Rosary – the water was warm – yuck 😦


KC walking the plank to fill up our water bottles

 We ran into Bushtit hiking with her mum and she was wondering how far she could go with her one litre of tap water from shelter cove – also not so keen on drinking warm lake water! (We’ve definitely been spoilt with spring water up until here!)

We came to Charlton Lake and sat there and cooked a dinner for lunch. We filtered more warm lake water and had bets on the ducks that were going past. We also booked a room at Timberline Lodge for next week, it’s going to be a special treat and I can’t wait!

 It looks like I’ve lost my nano, I must’ve dropped it at shelter cove so today was my first whole day without listening to music or an audiobook. KC’s phone battery is nearly always dead so we had to make our own entertainment and this consisted of playing a game of golf with sticks and our hiking poles and betting on ducks at Charlton lake – KC won at golf, but I won with the ducks 🙂

We walked through a large burn area called the Charlton Burn which was started by lightning in Aug 1996. There was beauty amongst the destruction with the new green pine trees and pink flowers.


 We found a campsite by another lake – Brahma – and decided to set up camp here but away from the lake so as not to get too much condensation. Fish were jumping all around me as I filled up our water bottles… I’m looking forward to finding a spring soon!

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