PCT Day 121, Mile 1931 to Elk Lake Resort

Day 121
Mile 1931 to Elk Lake Resort, 20 miles

Cost: Camped at Elk Lake resort, $10 for the site so $5 each

There were heaps of old PCT signs along the trail all day.

Overeasy pointed out a huckleberry bush to me, I’d never had one before, they’re delicious and it was impossible to walk past each bush without eating them! In the end, KC made me think “hamburger” not “huckleberry” and we pushed onto Elk Lake.

A huckleberry


My first ever Huckleberries, they’re delicious!


Elk Lake Resort


Nachos, chilli cheese fries and wings… with a local beer


We haven’t yet decided to stay the night but after this margarita I’m hoping we do!


Elk Lake Resort is incredible but super expensive! My lunch bill for wings, chilli cheese fries, 1 beer and 1 margarita was $54, ouch! But it was delicious. It felt like we were on holiday, people were swimming, paddle boarding and having a great time. And we also met some very generous section hikers who were giving away extra food – thank you for all the mountain house meals 🙂

… It was so relaxing that we decided to stay the night.

4 responses to “PCT Day 121, Mile 1931 to Elk Lake Resort

  1. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about the rest of your adventure. Found your entries today. Amazing photo’s. Enjoyed reading about your days spent on trail, in town, and about your fellow hikers.


  2. Hi Kat/Hummingbird,
    Lovely to catch up and thank you for posting the missing days! You are obviously enjoying the hike even though it gets frustrating at times – parcels of food etc. Couldn’t believe that trail stops were so popular, so much so that you had to camp elsewhere! New walking shoes and new hiking skirt you are all ready for the next long-haul! The photos are simply stunning. Looking forward to the next post.


  3. Hi Kat. I hope everything is going good on the trail. Thanks so much for your blog! I hope you have plans for a book. It would be way better than ‘Wild. ‘ When is your ETA to Timberline Lodge? I would like to leave a trail angel box somewhere between Timothy Lake and Cascade Locks. Are you planning on hiking Eagle Creek trail? And anything specific that you want? I’m a volunteer Forest Service ranger with the Mt Hood Nat Forest, so I work on the PCT through out the year cutting up blow downs


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    • Hi Will, thanks so much for your offer! I’m actually leaving Timberline lodge today, will hopefully arrive in Cascade Locks tmrw night or Sat morning. I think I will do the Eagle creek trail, do you recommend it? It looks like I’ll get to it tmrw morning. Understand if this is too late notice though!


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