PCT Day 122, Elk Lake Resort to Mile 1968

Day 122

Elk Lake Resort to Mile 1968, 19 miles

Cost: Camped, free

Campers nearby started making noise from about 5am so it wasn’t much of a sleep in. Breakfast didn’t start until 9am so I tried to go back to sleep, then updated my blog, made a few phone calls and finally packed up my tent. Breakfast was either a burrito or sandwich and KC and I got one of each… They were delicious. It was probably  the best breakfast burrito of the trail so far. We relaxed on the outdoor terrace neither of us wanting to leave when Ladiesman walked in around 11am. We chatted while he ate breakfast then said our goodbyes and left Elk Lake Resort on a scorching hot day about 1pm! 

The trail was kind and fairly flat with views of the Three Sisters. 

A deer leg… mountain lion victim?


I had read on the BBC website this morning about the Perseid meteor shower that was expected to reach its peak tonight so our only requirement for a campsite was good views of the sky. At about 8pm we came to an open area and decided it would be the perfect spot to cowboy camp and watch the meteor shower. To our right were views of Three Fingered Jack and behind us was the middle sister.   

Three Fingered Jack in the distance


Cowboy camping in front of the Middle Sister


By 9pm we were lying down looking at the stars and waiting for the meteor shower to begin. 



4 responses to “PCT Day 122, Elk Lake Resort to Mile 1968

  1. Kat,
    I am sure enjoying your posts! It’s been exciting to follow you (Hummingbird), KC, Shepard, Teflon and the Smiths. I thought I’d chime in about the deer leg. Having zoomed in on the photo, it is easy to see the precise cuts of the skin against the bone by a sharp knife. The deer was clearly field dressed for meat and hide. Silly that someone placed it on the trail.
    Rick – 2016


    • Hey snailtrainer, I got AT&T and it was fine through the desert, not so good through the sierras and I seem to be able to find service once or twice a week in Oregon. Not sure how it will be in Washington though…


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