PCT Day 130, Timberline Lodge to mile 2112

Day 130

Timberline Lodge to mile 2112, 18 miles

Cost: Whisked away to stay with Howard at The Resort on the Mountain

The alarm went off at 6:30am which felt way too early considering we were in nice big comfy hotel beds. No-one stirred so I put the alarm on snooze and we got up after 7…. If only it wasn’t a 2 hour drive back to Timberline Lodge we could have slept in longer!

I was originally keen to hike the next 50 miles to Cascade Locks in two days and arrive by Friday… But we bumped into people at Timberline, got chatting, and a 1pm start from Timberline changed all this. And that’s ok, if the PCT has taught me anything it’s that you can’t have a schedule out here! 


Timberline Lodge


I think this is looking back at Mt Jefferson


St Helen’s?


2100 miles



Walking around Mt Hood

We came to another fast river crossing and looked left and right for the narrowest place to cross. We walked upstream across the rocks for about 5 minutes and found these logs, KC tested them out and got across. I got to the middle and froze a little, but at the same time a weekend hiker came out of nowhere and put his hand out for me to grab onto, it was perfect timing, thank you! 

KC testing out the log!

 We took the Ramona Falls alternative trail, a 2.2 mile loop to see the falls. It was an incredibly stunning trail, if you live nearby and haven’t seen the falls, you need to get out here!


Ramona Falls



And then we had a double log crossing. There was a rope tied to the top log so I shimmied along the bottom log holding onto the rope and KC just walked along the top log – she has much better balance than I do!



Around 8pm I got a message from Howard on my Inreach saying he was at the Lolo pass road. We got there at 9pm and were planning on camping nearby but Howard had a hotel room 20 minutes down the road and we were easily convinced to go with him! We stopped via an awesome BBQ restaurant called Skyway Bar and Grill in Zigzag and had an amazing dinner of BBQ and Mac n cheese, then got to have another shower and sleep in big comfy beds… I’ve never been so clean or eaten so much on the trail than this week!

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  1. I know how you feel about those river crossings. That was one of the things that I dreaded when backpacking. A hand to grab onto is always welcome 🙂 Stay safe!

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