PCT Day 131, Mile 2112 to mile 3.3 along the Eagle Creek Alternate

Day 131

Mile 2112 to mile 3.3 of 15 along the Eagle Creek Alternate, 16.7 miles

Cost: camped, free

We slept in until 9am! Then KC and Howard went hunter-gathering for breakfast while I showered. They found a bakery and brought back some delicious cakes. 

We were back on the trail at 1pm, a little too late for me to try and make it all the way to Cascade Locks today (Fri), but I gave Howard my drivers license to pick up my packages from the Post office (bounce box and food resupply), so hopefully they’ll let him pick them up. 


Looking like autumn


It was a fairly easy trail until we started down the Eagle Creek alternate trail, the first few miles were rocky and steep and my knees and ankles were screaming at me but then it evened out. 

At 8pm we stopped at the first camp spot we came to not knowing if there would be anywhere else to camp. We set up our mats and sleeping bags to cowboy camp, I’m going to get up really early tomorrow morning to get to Cascade Locks as early as possible to have breakfast with Howard. 

Indian Springs trail leading to the Eagle Creek trail


Cowboy camping

4 responses to “PCT Day 131, Mile 2112 to mile 3.3 along the Eagle Creek Alternate

  1. Kat
    Enjoy the green while you can. I’m afraid much of the Washington forests have burned this summer!! Hopefully the current fires will be out by the time you get here.
    Keep on walking


    • Hi Lynda, we left Cascade Locks and walked 4 miles into Washington today before getting a message that the PCT is closed from Trout Lake onwards because of the Mt Adams fire so we had to turn around and come back 😦 We’re not sure what to do right now…


      • We need a don’t like button! It would be a shame not to be able to finish – you’ve come so far. There must be alternatives ans support. Hope you’re able to figure it out soon.


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